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Here’s some stuff you may not know about me…otherwise known as “a bio”.

Kim Mohr is the owner/chef/mastermind of Serendipity Café, as well as a satellite location, The Dip. Both restaurants are largely organic, whole food based, where everything is made with love from scratch.


Kim got her start in healthcare when she trained to be a Licensed Massage Therapist at Humanities Center for Massage back in 2004. It was there that she discovered that she had a penchant for anatomy, physiology and everything related to supporting the health of the human body. She graduated with honors in 2005.


Fast forward to 2007, she enrolled at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Displaying multiple symptoms, including debilitating fatigue, digestive distress and joint inflammation, she went looking for answers. She found them, and graduated from the program symptom free as a Certified Health Coach in 2008.


What started as a penchant turned into a full blown passion. She began coaching individual clients, as well as conducting cooking classes. It didn’t take long before the opportunity to open a restaurant popped up. Almost six years have gone by, and the rest is history.


Kim’s philosophy on food…

Keep it real, as in whole and unprocessed. Too many people are counting calories when they should be counting chemicals. A diet based on lots of fresh organic vegetables and fruit, lean grass fed, hormone and antibiotic free meats, as well as nuts and seeds is a great starting point for anyone who wishes to enjoy a high energy kind of life. Delicious food=delicious life!


To learn more about Kim and her mission, please visit her website at


To inquire about additional services she offers, including public speaking, catering, personal chef availability, health coaching and cooking classes, please email her.

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